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Idle Heroes Hack – Gems and Gold Cheats 2019

Idle Heroes is an engrossing online game that can be played during your short breaks. In this game, you need to collect your Heroes and conquer various campaign levels. The game can be enjoyed on Android as well as iOS devices. There are innumerable Heroes available in the game and selecting the best ones is a tough task. Read on to know some key ideas and learn about Idle Heroes Hack that you should consider while building your team of Idle Heroes!

Idle Heroes Hack


Gold is the primary currency of the game that can be used for buying various items from the marketplace. It is also used for upgrading an order, which will be further used to acquire Guild Coin. Gold can even be used for leveling up your heroes and upgrading gear in the Blacksmith.

You can acquire Gold from casinos, campaigns, hand of Midas, guild raid, challenges, daily quests, and much more. When you complete a level in the Tower of Oblivion and a stage on the campaign, you earn Gold. If you win the arena battles or fights in Brave Trial, you can earn rewards in form of Gold.  Easiest way to acquire Gold is to use Idle Heroes Hack.




Gems are the special currency of the game that is used for buying various items from the marketplace, buying arena tickets, upgrading stones, purchasing casino chips, and much more. You can either purchase Gems by spending real world money or use the below mentioned methods for acquiring them in the Idle Heroes game:

  • Daily Quests: You can earn up to 150 Gems daily by completing these quests.
  • Watching Videos: You can watch 5 advertisements every day, which are approximately of 30 seconds duration. By watching these videos, you can earn around 100 Gems.
  • Tavern Quests: You can earn plenty of Gems through the tavern quests. However, completing these quests is not easy and a new gamer may not be able to do them.
  • New Levels: When you reach a new level of the game, you earn some amount of Gems.
  • Daily Login: If you login to the game every day for a month, and complete the event that is added to the events menu, you earn loads and loads of Gems.
  • Using Idle Heroes Hack to generate unlimited Gems.


You can buy various stuffs from the marketplace by spending Gold and Gems. Each time, the marketplace displays 8 different items. These items can be refreshed every 3 hours or by spending 20 Gems, whichever is earlier. If you are worried about getting Gems , you can use our Idle Heroes Cheats for that.

Some of the items that you can buy from the marketplace are heroes, resources, and equipment. Few of these items are very costly and not worth buying, while others are pretty useful in the game. Depending on your preference and in-game currency, you can buy them. Listed below are some of the items that are available at the Marketplace:

  • Spirit: It can be acquired from campaign, marketplace, casino, disassembling heroes in Altar, etc. You can use it for upgrading heroes in the hero panel.
  • Arena Ticket: It can be acquired from marketplace as well as by completing daily quests. You can use it to participate in various Arena battles.
  • Chip: It can be acquired from marketplace, daily quests and tavern. You can use it to spin the wheel of fortune at the casino.


Stones are a kind of equipment that is accessible to Heroes. These are locked to individual Heroes and can be unlocked only after the Hero reaches level 40. You can upgrade Stones by using Gold and Magic Dust. Each stone is categorized on the basis of color (tiers) and stars (power). For instance, Blue Stones have 1-2 Stars and are named Twilight Stone. Orange Stones have 1-4 Stars and are named Celestial Stone.


To improve the stats of a hero, you need to acquire lots of equipment. The equipment that is accessible in the game is broadly categorized into: Weapons, Armor, Artifacts, Stones, Accessories, and Shoes. Among these categories; armor, accessories, weapons, and shoes are available to be used right from the start of the game. Stones can be unlocked only after reaching level 40. Artifacts can be acquired in World 7 of the campaign. If you want some cool equipments but don’t have enough Gold or Gems once again we highly suggest you to use Idle Heroes Hack.


Quests are displayed at tavern and by completing various quests, you can earn different rewards. Tavern can be unlocked after reaching Level 28 in the game. Everyday quests get automatically reset or they can be refreshed manually by spending 10 Gems for a single quest. Basic Quest Scrolls and Senior Quest Scrolls help in increasing the amount of quests accessible in the game for some time. If you want to increase them permanently then you can make use of different tiers of VIP.

Strategies That You Should Use For Improving Your Game:

  • Idle Feature: By using this unique feature, your heroes will get trained and acquire skills while you are away from the game. It is a great way to build a powerful team without the grinding.
  • VIP Membership: If you do not mind spending real money on online games, then go for the VIP Membership. With the VIP 3 membership, you will unlock 10 rolls in the casino for 8 coins. Also, you will acquire heroic summon and after 100 summons, you will surely get a 5 Star hero. Other than this, you will be able to receive rewards such as plenty of Gold, Experience, and several other freebies.
  • Acquire In-Game Currencies: Complete the daily quests every single day so that you can collect innumerable rewards in form of currencies. When you get 30 friends, you will be able to get Hearts. Hearts can be used to summon 2 star to 5 star heroes in summon circle. Watch an ad to earn some currencies.
  • Use Idle Heroes Hack 2019 to make the game much easier and more fun.
  • Make Friends: As soon as you make 30 friends in the game, you will be able to trade Hearts with them every day. The easiest way to make many friends is by joining the gaming social media accounts like Facebook.
  • Research Well: There are several types of resources available in the game. It is important to research on each of them so that you know their efficiency and speed.
  • Guild Farming: Joining a guild in the game is a good idea as you will be able to earn Guild Coins. You can make use of Guild Coins in buying powerful heroes.
  • Hero Shards: Hero Shards are used for summoning heroes. You can acquire them by completing a stage on the campaign and earning through Idle Farming in the campaign. You can even purchase them from the Marketplace or can be bought by using Guild Coins. Rewards that you earn from events are in the form of Hero Shards.
  • Magic Dust: Make use of Magic Dust for upgrading treasures that can be equipped by heroes. You can acquire Magic Dust by using the Idle Farming feature of the game or it can be purchased from the marketplace.
  • Plan Well: Play strategically because a 4 star hero as well as a 5 star hero at level 67 will give you two different results. So, consider the star rating as well as stats before using them.

To conclude, Idle Heroes is an addictive game where you need to play tactically to build the strongest team. There is no clear-cut formula to achieve success in the game. You need to try different ways to be the winner, so keep trying! This game combined with our Idle Heroes Cheats is a lot of fun, so you should give it a shot!


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